Proficiency Certification in Dr. Manzanares Met...

Proficiency Certification in Dr. Manzanares Method

Statement for use after completion of 144 hours (practical and written):

[Practitioner] has achieved Proficiency Certification in the Manzanares Method MT of Reflexology (MMR) after acquiring 144 classroom hours in the science-based continuing education course. Developed by the renowned researcher, Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD from Barcelona, Catalonia, the MMR course is approved for CE by the American Reflexology Certification Board. MMR Proficiency Certification acknowledges a practitioner's proficiency in the Manzanares Press and Slide Technique™, Manzanares reflexology research principles and protocols, MMR foot reflexology mapping and satisfactory practicum and written exam. 

The test will be divided in two parts:

1. Online test. The student will receive a test via e-mail (4 possible answers with 1 o 2 correct ones).

  • 15 questions about neurophysiologic bases
  • 20 questions about protocols
  • 5 questions about contraindications
  • Interpretation of the Real Foot in two clinical cases

The duration of the online test is 3 hours once the email is sent

2. Performing test. It will take place during Dr. Manzanares’ first seminar in the USA after the online test is taken. The interpretation of the deposits and the stimulation techniques will be evaluated during this test.

Hoder Proficiency Certification in Manzanares Method 

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