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Guidelines for Promotion, Usage and Copyright for
The Manzanares Method of Reflexology™

For Students of the Manzanares Method™

Students trained in the Manzanares Method are encouraged to promote your continuing education (CE) status. Confidently acknowledge your commitment to training in the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology to your clients, peers, students and community. This opportunity has never before been available to establish yourself professionally as a science-based reflexologist

The following copyright guidelines apply in personal promotion of your training in this method. This applies to all usage via internet, print or media. (Practitioner Guidelines for Promotion and Advertising).

Continuing Education in the Manzanares Methodof Reflexology

References to your CE training must state your current status of specific hours completed in the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology course of training. This acknowledges your achievement, your current level of education with Dr. Manzanares and informs those who are seeking practitioners trained in the Manzanares Method™ . 
The following two statements are approved for use by students depending on the CE hours attained. Please note the hyperlinks added of []. You may simply copy/paste this text to edit for use on your website's ABOUT YOU page or to include in other promotion of your education.   

1. Statement for use after completion of one class up to 5 classes:

[Practitioner] has acquired  ___ classroom hours of continuing education in The Manzanares Method  TM of REFLEXOLOGY  (MMR)Developed by the renowned researcher, Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD from Barcelona, Spain, the MMR course is approved for CE by the American Reflexology Certification Board. MMR Course training includes study of the Manzanares Press and SlideTechniqueManzanares reflexology research principles, protocols and MMR foot reflexology mapping. Read more about the Manzanares Method of Reflexology research and training at 

2.  Statement for use  after completion of 6 classes (practical and written):

[Practitioner] has achieved Proficiency Certification in the Manzanares Method MT of Reflexology (MMR) after acquiring 96 classroom hours in the science-based continuing education course. Developed by the renowned researcher, Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD from Barcelona, Spain, the MMR course is approved for CE by the American Reflexology Certification Board. MMR Proficiency Certification acknowledges a practitioner's proficiency in the Manzanares Press and Slide TechniqueManzanares reflexology research principles and protocols, MMR foot reflexology mapping and satisfactory practicum and written examRead more about the Manzanares Method of Reflexology research and training at 

What is Prohibited in Reference to Your Continuing Education
in the Manzanares Method
of Reflexology (MMR)

It is inaccurate to state that one is 'certified' in the Manzanares Method™of Reflexology without the clarification of Proficiency Certification which signifies a skills level in Dr. Manzanares' course. Future training to provide advanced certification beyon Proficiency Certification will signify yet another skills level and certificate title.

The above statements or references to your CE training may not be used to imply: endorsement of other educational courses; endorsement of any course content or products; implying that any course you teach, develop or promote contains instruction in the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology. Dr. Manzanares provides live instruction of his method and materials in the United States and there are no other approved trainings in the MMR method without his approval.  


Guidelines for All Usage of Copyright 

1. Usage of trademark/copyright terms: Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology;  Manzanares Press and Slide™ Technique and Manzanares Science-Based Reflexology™ and MMR  must be referenced exactly as shown.  

2. Usage of content or text from the website must adhere to all (c) copyright guidelines. To publish any content, articles, images or quotes from this website in a newsletter, website, blog, social media, video or in print of any kind, requires a written request and approval.

3. If approved for usage, the following applies: All links must remain in the quoted text used; no textual or graphic amendments of any kind are permitted; any links or promotion of personal products, other reflexolgoy charts, services or classes need to be done separate from the article or text used from this website or any approved abstract/text so that your audience can clearly tell the difference between your text and Dr. Manzanares' intellectual property. (For example, Manzanares research references may not be posted on a website page with other reflexology diagrams or images. Research pages are typically approved but requests must be submitted for final approval and posting). 

Include the following text at the end of all content or images approved to be used from this website:
(c) Copyright 2011 Jesus Manzanares, M.D., The Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology (MMR). All rights reserved. Usage granted with permission only. 

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