Snoring is a very common problem; approximately 25% of the population suffers from this problem. Its gravity can vary from mild to a serious disorder such as Night Apnea Syndrome (NAS). In NAS there are multiple pauses in breathing of 10 seconds or more due to narrowing or obstruction of the upper respiratory tract. In some cases there are an obvious causes such as problems of adenoids or tonsils  (children), or a deviation of the nasal septum, or nasal obstructions due to rhinitis. In many cases in the adult, the cause is not clearly defined and is usually (from the point of view of palpation of reflex zones in the foot) are consequence of a combination of problems:

- Weakness of muscle tone of the tongue

- Weakness of tone of the muscles of the throat.

The response to reflexology treatment is very good as long as the cause in the patient is not aggravated by an excess of alcohol consumption or relaxing drugs intake (insomnia, anxiolytics, ...). Clinical response to reflexology stimulation occurs quickly, after the first session there is usually an improvement in snoring.

The areas to stimulate are:

- Muscle of the tongue (image 1)

- Musculature of the pharynx (image 2)

- Vegetative nervous system, specifically the cervical sympathetic (image 3)

Five minutes of intense stimulation in each area, on both feet, is enough to get the answer.  Two sessions a week first 6 sessions, after you can space to 1 session/week for 4 or 6 weeks.  In the case that the patient is already sleeping at night with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, some others foot reflexology areas must to be included in the stimulation.

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