Course Description

The Manzanares Method™ Of Reflexology:
Science-Based Courses For The Reflexology Professional
Developed And Taught By Jesus Manzanares, M.D.

The Manzanares Method continuing education courses in reflexology are based on 32 years of research and proven clinical techniques of Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D.  Exclusively developed for the reflexology professional by an integrative medicine physician and researcher, this cutting-edge training is unique compared to traditional reflexology education.

Most extraordinary is that Dr. Jesus Manzanares travels from Barcelona, Spain to the United States to personally train reflexology professionals, providing a rare and up-close opportunity to learn about his detailed methods of research and clinical reflexology.

Who Can Attend

Classes are open to all health practitioners, wellness professionals and educators interested in contemporary science-based education in reflexology: reflexologists, massage therapists, holistic bodyworkers, nurses, physical therapists and doctors who want to learn reflexology from an advanced and clinical perspective. 

Professional practitioners of reflexology will be able to incorporate the Manzanares Method™ techniques into their existing model of reflexology to enhance career, confidence and  outcomes in patient and client care.

Benefits From This Training

With this advanced level of reflexology education, participants will benefit from:
PROFESSIONAL CREDIBILITY and recognition, locally and nationally as a science-based reflexologist
COMPETENCY and renewed confidence with education founded on evidence-based research
COMMUNITY and connection with other professionals seeking to advance their skills and expertise
SUPPORT for your professional status using appropriate promotion of your training as outlined below

Students report that the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology has impacted them more than any other reflexology training. Dr. Manzanares pulls the participants into a world of advanced science-based knowledge about the body’s neurophysiology and the foot-to-body connection. 

Ongoing study of the Manzanares Method is part of a Course of 96 hours of continuing education, for practitioners who aspire to become proficient in the method, the research principles, theory and application. However, the practitioner attending a two-day class only can immediately integrate these skills into an existing reflexology model and scope of practice and come away equipped with a scientific perspective of reflexology.  

As students continue to study with Dr. Manzanares, they are guided to master a highly developed sense of palpation to detect the dynamic state of tissues within the feet, to understand the composition of and locate deposits in the reflex areas and to apply reflexology that supports the functions of body systems and allows healing to progress. This requires continued study. 

Dr. Manzanares' curriculum for classes in the U.S. is based on his original goals he has achieved in reflexology research. Students will learn how fundamental these research findings are for all reflexologists:

  • Validation of how reflexology works (mechanism of action)
  • Accurate anatomically-based maps of foot reflex areas and the foot-to-body connection  
  • Specific reflexology protocols for health conditions and disease   

Course Objectives

These continuing education courses are developed to help the participant: gain an understanding of Dr. Manzanares' research; describe the science-based foundation for reflexology; acquire new palpation techniques to locate deposits; experience an introduction to medical-based mapping of foot reflexes; learn and apply new methods of reflexology from a therapeutic approach; expand critical thinking skills to explore reflexology treatments based on Dr. Manzanares protocols; explore thinking like a researcher vs. a theologian. 

Subsequent and ongoing training of two-day, 16-hour classes allow the student to become more proficient, confident and consistent. Advanced training gives a more indepth understanding of the anatomical and physiological foundations of this clinical-based scientific approach to reflexology. A student may attend one or as many classes as desired. Repeat students are offered a discounted tuition with stipulations. Upon completing 6 classes and requirements (see below Certificates Awarded), the student is awarded a "Certificate of Proficiency" indicating a level of skills in the Manzanares MethodAdvanced and speciality training toward a higher certificate award will be at Dr. Manzanares' discretion and further development. READ MORE about the 16-hour class titled, Specialty Protocols: Chronic Pain Conditions (pre-requisites apply). 

Dr. Manzanares encourages students pursuing the study of his methods and research that it is only through repetition and continued in-class training that one can hope to acquire proficiency or a thorough understanding of the science, the 'new thought' process beyond traditional theory and to move toward any level of mastery. The goal of the Manzanares Method Course as taught in the U.S. is to teach as much content as possible from thirty years of European research in reflexology. Due to limitations of his travel from Spain to the U.S., Dr. Manzanares seeks to offer an extremely comprehensive amount of material in each two-day class. He reminds students that this is a science-based course unlike any traditional training available in America. The current format of the 96 hour Course in the U.S. represents only a third of the 300-hr reflexology training course he teaches in Europe.  

We hope this will answer the question often asked by attendees of a first class:
"You mean I have to repeat the class. . . and is it the same material each time?".

There is no requirement to take ongoing classes but rather a voluntary decision for any student to pursue their desired continuing education. We welcome all practitioners to attend at least one class, whether you continue with more classes or not. You will benefit beyond your expectations and be introduced to the next era of reflexology, based on science and evidence.   

Course Format

Live on-site classes are taught in a two-day format of Saturday & Sunday, at venues across the U.S. See the Schedule page for upcoming dates and locations. Pre-requisites may apply in some cases in the format of distance learning, home study, webcasts or teleclasses.

Two-day modules are referred to as classesThe Course refers to a completion of the current Proficiency requirement of 144 hours of classroom attendance and other requirements. It is optional to attend one class or multiple classes.  To acquire proficiency in technique and an understanding of the scientific concept of reflexology demands repetition and continued study. 

There is a strong focus on hands-on work with extensive demonstrations and a combination of lecture, students exchanges and learning the reflex areas by drawing on each other's feet. Every student will experience Dr. Manzanares' personal reflexology touch. Media teaching aids include video projection of demonstrations, MRI and radiology imaging, biopsy study graphics, EEG graphs and research slides.  

Each class varies in presentation and can include but is not limited to the following topics and each class of instruction builds upon the previous classroom experience: 

  • Reflexology concept from a scientific perspective
  • The nervous system's role in reflexology
  • Neuro-physiology of the reflexology impulse
  • Biopsy of foot tissue deposits to study composition
  • Deposit characteristics related to specific disorders
  • Manzanares Method foot-to-body mapping
  • Components for reflexology protocols  
  • Theoretical vs. real foot assessment
  • EEG brain wave studies
  • Palpation of deposits, assessment and protocols
  • Dosage of reflexology (intensity, duration, frequency)
  • Extensive practicum with supervision by Dr. Manzanares
  • Research and clinical findings for most major pathologies
  • Updates on current research and investigations in progress 
    Among the many research topics Dr. Manzanares will discuss in this course includes 
    the use of reflexology for ADHD/Learning Disability and for Hypertension.  

Dr. Manzanares reference book: 
A previous publication, Principles of Reflexology by Dr. Manzanares is no longer available. There is a new book, Reflexology Notebook Research that is available for students only as a companion to the class It is our wish to make these available for purchase at classes, depending on availability. (Purchases of Dr. Manzanares books or products at classes are cash and carry only).  This book is spiral bound with overview of Dr.'s research principles, primary protocols and mappings on the feet. Students should be prepared for intensive note taking in class as this book is not a comprehensive text of all content provided in the ongoing course, nor of his 30 years in research.  

Dr. Manzanares teaches in Spanish with the aid of his personal simultaneous Spanish-to-English interpreter who has a medical background and is trained in reflexology. The learning experience is seamless and the interpreter's expertise and knowledge of the science makes for a dynamic presentation.

Certificates Awarded

"Certificate of Attendance"
Upon completion of each 16-hour two-day class a student receives a Certificate of Attendance and continuing education (CE) transcript for 16 hours. 

"Proficiency Certification"
Upon completion of 144 class hours*,  payment of a testing fee of $200, satisfactory written exam and  practicum approval by Dr. Manzanares,  a student is awarded Proficiency Certification in the Manzanares Method of Reflexology and the approval to use the statement: Proficiency Certification in the Manzanares Method of Reflexology. (see guidelines for promotional usage below).

*(note: this current course curriculum began in Oct. 2008. For continuing education credit to apply toward the 144 class hours for a certificate in proficiency, a class attended must be after that date. Dr. Manzanares' classes in the U.S. prior to that date did not qualify for CE credit in the U.S.)  

To Educators And School Owners

This body of knowledge is fundamental to equip reflexologists and educators with scientific principles based on contemporary research. Dr. Manzanares’ contributions as a pioneer in reflexology research are invaluable to the field of medicine and natural healthcare and elevate the profession of reflexology as a science. 

Educators are encouraged to personally train in the Manzanares Method™ to be in-the-know of this cutting edge research. Leaders and teachers can then better inform reflexology students of the availability of evidence-based continuing education and state-of-the-art research in reflexology.     

Dr. Manzanares is the developer and only instructor of this method of reflexology in the U.S. There are no authorized instructors of The Manzanares Method of Reflexology nor should any course of education advertise, promote or indicate in any way that a curriculum is being taught in The Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology. All materials and intellectual property are copyright protected.

Guidelines For Promotion & Advertising By Students Of The Manzanares Method™

Students trained in the Manzanares Method are encouraged to promote your continuing education (CE) status. Confidently acknowledge your commitment to training in the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology to your clients, peers, students and community. This opportunity has never before been available to establish yourself professionally as a 'science-based reflexologist'. 

The following copyright guidelines apply in personal promotion of your training in this method. This applies to all usage via internet, print or media. Download a pdf of Practitioner Guidelines for Promotion and Advertising within Manzanares Copyright).

Continuing Education in the Manzanares Methodof Reflexology

References to your CE training must state your current status of specific hours completed in the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology course of training. This acknowledges your achievement, your current level of education with Dr. Manzanares and informs those who are seeking practitioners trained in the Manzanares Method™ . 

Effective Jan. 2008, the following two statements are approved for use by all students (new and prior to 2008) of the Manzanares Method of Reflexology, depending on the CE hours attained:  

1. Statement for use after completion of one class up to 5 classes:

[Practitioner] has acquired Continuing Education of ___ hours in The Science-Based Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology course. taught by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD and  approved for CE credit by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Course training includes instruction in the Manzanares Press and Slide TechniqueManzanares research principles, reflexology protocols and foot reflexology mapping 

2.  Statement for use  after completion of 6 classes (practical and written):

"[Practitioner] has accquired Continuing Education of 96 classroom hours to achieve Proficiency Certification in The Science-Based Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology taught by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD. Proficiency Certification includes instruction in the Manzanares Press and Slide TechniqueManzanares research principles, reflexology protocols, foot reflexology mapping and satisfactory practicum and written exam

What You May Not Say in Reference to Your Continuing Education in the Manzanares Methodof Reflexology

It is inaccurate to state that one is 'certified' in the Manzanares Method™of Reflexology without the clarification of Proficiency Certification which signifies a skills level in Dr. Manzanares' course. Future training to provide advanced certification beyon Proficiency Certification will signify yet another skills level.

The above statements or references to your CE training may not be used to imply: endorsement of other educational courses; endorsement of any course content or products; implying that any course you teach, develop or promote contains instruction in the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology. Dr. Manzanares is the only approved instructor of his method or materials in the United States.

Guidelines For Other Usage Of Copyright 

1. Usage of trademark/copyright terms: Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology;  Manzanares Press and Slide™ Technique and Manzanares Science-Based Reflexology™ and MMR  must be referenced exactly as shown.  

2. Usage of content or text from books, articles or the website must adhere to all (c) copyright guidelines. To publish any content, articles, images or quotes from this website in a newsletter, website, blog, social media, video or in print of any kind, requires a written request and approval.

3. If approved for usage, the following applies: All links must remain in the quoted text used;  no textual or graphic amendments of any kind are permitted; any links or promotion of personal products, services or classes need to be done separate from the article or text used from this website so that your audience can clearly tell the difference between your text and Dr. Manzanares' intellectual property. Include the following text at the end of all content or images approved to be used from this website:
(c) Copyright 2011 Jesus Manzanares, M.D., The Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology. All rights reserved. Usage granted with permission only. 


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