TO: Students and Practitioners in the Manzanares MethodTMof Reflexology (MMR).
The following guidelines are to assist you in continuing your education in MMR and for personal promotion and acknowledgement of your acquired level of training with Dr. Manzanares.

Promote your continuing education (CE) status confidently to acknowledge your commitment to training in the Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology. This opportunity can establish professionalism to clients, peers, students and community as a reflexologist training in the science of reflexology. We commend you for advancing your skills to be among those who will help craft the future of reflexology.

MMR 2-day INTENSIVE CLASS: Each class you attend provides a Certificate of Attendance and a CE transcript. Practitioners may continue the MMR training in science-based reflexology and accumulate CE hours over a period of years to master the techniques and knowledge from Dr. Manzanares‘ 30 years in reflexology - however, each class provides immediate benefit.

Upon completion of 96 in-classroom hours, successful written exam & practicum supervision/approval, a certificate is awarded titled, Proficiency Certification*. This acknowledges a level of competency and hours of education. The decision to test for proficiency is voluntary and is not a requirement to continue training with MMR.

Live classes with agenda focused on specific conditions, research and respective reflexology protocols. Classes may vary in CE hours and have prerequisites for registration (such as prior class attendance and/or enrollment in a foundational webinar). Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Continuing education in various formats of webinars, ecourses, ebooks and tele-classes. These offerings will range from introductory to advanced level.
WHO CAN ENROLL: students, MMR practitioners, CAM and allied healthcare professionals.
BENEFITS: introduction to Dr. Manzanares’ work, review/refresher for prior students, education on the MMR science, research, protocols, principles and technique.

The opportunity for advanced education in MMR is unlimited. Dr. Manzanares believes that continued education, practice, experience, confident proficiency and specialty training are all necessary to acquire mastery of MMR methods and principles.


*Proficiency Certificate Testing: Practitioners have the option to schedule the exam at an Intensive Class within a year after acquiring a minimum of 96 hours of classroom attendance. A Study Guide is provided. A testing fee of $45 is due at time of scheduling. The Certificate of Proficiency is not required, only awarded. Proficiency testing is only scheduled at an Intensive MMR class and is not available at a SPECIALTY PROTOCOLS class. (If that class completes 96- hours in classroom, testing can be scheduled at a future MMR Intensive class).


MMR MASTERY Level training:

References to your training in the Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology must state your current status of specific hours completed. This acknowledges your achievement and your current level of education to properly inform those seeking practitioners trained in science-based MMR.

The following two statements are approved for use by MMR students, depending on the CE hours attained. Modify the text as appropriate to your education in MMR.

(1) Statement for use after completion of one class up to 5 classes [enter your hours]:
Mary Smith has acquired continuing education of [32] classroom hours in the science-based Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology (MMR) developed by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D and training in the MMR Press and Slide TechniqueTM, research principles, protocols and MMR Foot Reflexology Mapping.

(2) Statement for use after completion of 6+ classes, practical and exam [enter your hours]: Mary Smith has acquired continuing education of [96] classroom hours, completion of practicum and written testing and Proficiency Certification in the science-based Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology, developed by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D. A certificate of proficiency acknowledges competency in the Manzanares Method’s Press and Slide TechniqueTM, research principles, protocols and MMRTM Foot Reflexology Mapping.

The following are non-approved statements for use by MMR students:
(1) Statements saying one is “Certified” in the Manzanares MethodTM are not approved. The correct statement will say that one has achieved “Proficiency Certification” as in #2 above.

(2) Statements regarding your MMR training status are not approved that imply:
* Endorsement of other educational courses or endorsement of any course content or products. Any links or promotion of personal products, services or classes must be clearly separated from Manzanares references.
* Implication that any course you teach, develop or promote contains instruction in the Manzanares Method of ReflexologyTM is strictly prohibited.
NOTE: Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD is the exclusive instructor of the MMR method, techniques or materials in the U.S.

Guidelines for Other Usage: trademarkTM or copyright © terms must be shown exactly as: Manzanares MethodTM of Reflexology; Manzanares Press and SlideTM Technique; Manzanares Science- Based ReflexologyTM; MMRTM Foot Reflexology Mapping. Written approval is required to publish content or images from the website for newsletter, website, social media, video or print.